More on the Google Phone Rumors

We first heard the rumors from TechCrunch about a possible mobile phone that Google is working on. Subsequently, rumors also stated that it might just be a data only phone.

Today, TimesOnline from UK reports Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Northeast Securities, a financial services firm unveiled few more details.

image According to Kumar, the G-Phone actually will be an unlocked  voice + data capable, the Google-branded phone will be built by a third-party supplier, possibly the Taiwanese phone maker HTC, and will incorporate a processor from Qualcomm and  Google promises to be one of the most advanced smartphones, with a large touch-screen display and a processor almost twice as fast as the one powering Apple’s iPhone 3GS. It will probably be the first phone to run a new version of Google’s Android software, codenamed Flan, offering high-speed 3-D gaming said to be as good as that of many handheld consoles.

The heart of this phone will be Google Voice App coupled with Gizmo 5 Project, that could be a stand alone phone that could use just data plan to deliver voice call over VoIP. However a SIM slot will be available for user to pop in their own SIM card.

“We’ve never had this situation, where a single vendor controls the entire stack, from the operating system right up to Google’s cloud services,” says Kumar. “It changes the competitive and bargaining dynamics like never before.”

[via TimesOnline]

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Android 1.6 Users Rejoice Google Maps Navigation is Available for You too!

imageWhen Verizon launched the Motorola Droid, the most compelling feature was the Google turn-by-turn navigation acting as an internet-connected GPS system with voice guidance and automatic rerouting. The feature was only available on Android 2.0 that only exists on the Droid.

Today, Google announced the same feature Google Maps Navigation will be available to devices running Android 1.6 (Donut) and higher, such as the T-Mobile myTouch 3G and the G1.

This release also includes the new Layers feature, which lets you overlay geographical information on :the map. View My Maps, transit lines, Wikipedia articles about places, and more a la augmented reality.

US Android 1.6 users can download an updated version of Google Maps from Android Market to use Navigation today. Google Maps Navigation is in beta and is currently available in the United States.

Some features of Android 2.0 are not available on Android 1.6, for example, the ability to use the "navigate to" voice command.  However, you can still create a shortcut that will allow you to launch Navigation and start getting directions to a specific place from your current location with just a single touch from your home screen. For example, you can create a "Home" shortcut to quickly navigate home, no matter where you are. Just use the "Add" menu item from the home screen, then choose "Shortcuts", then "Directions."

[Source Google]

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Set Top Box Roku Adds 10 New Content Channels

Roku maker of the $99 set-top box to stream Flickr movies, MLB.TV and Amazon Video on Demand , announced today the Roku Channel Store and the addition of 10 new FREE channels for Roku. customers to enjoy on their TVs. From internet audio to video podcasts; professional web content to photo sharing; personal video content to children’s entertainment, the Roku Channel Store provides an open platform for delivering quality content to the TV. The new channels now available for customers to add to their Roku experience via the Roku Channel Store include:, Facebook Photos, Flickr, FrameChannel, Mediafly, MobileTribe, Motionbox, Pandora, Revision3 and TWiT. For a complete list of channels and specific channel descriptions and features, please go to


To access the Roku Channel Store and subsequently add or remove channels from the home screen, customers will need to create a Roku account. With a Roku account, customers now also have the ability to manage their channels and personalize their entertainment options in a way that has not been possible before. Roku customers can add as many channels as they want. Conversely they can also remove all channels that do not interest them, leaving only the channel or channels they access on a regular basis. And because it is a channel store, new channels will arrive all the time for customers to consider.

All Roku players, including the Roku SD, Roku HD and Roku HD-XR, are compatible with the Roku Channel Store.

Pricing and availability

The Roku Channel Store will be delivered as an automatic and free upgrade to all existing Roku customers over the course of the next two weeks. New customers will automatically be upgraded when they first install their Roku player. To browse and use the Roku Channel Store, existing customers will be prompted to create a Roku account. Existing customers who do not want to wait for their Roku player to update automatically can manually update their Roku player immediately. Detailed instructions can be found in the Help section of Roku’s website under the Roku Channel Store tab at Buy the Roku HERE!

[Source Roku Press Release]

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Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile Available

image If HTC is saving the grace of Windows Mobile UI, Opera is the browser that saves the grace of net surfing experience on Windows Phones. Opera Software has just released a beta version of Opera Mobile 10 for WinMo.

Similar to Skyfire, Opra Mobile features server-side compression technology that minimizes bandwidth and hardware requirements. The mobile browser is built with the Opera Turbo technology, which can compress Web traffic by up to 80% while still offering support for Web technologies like Ajax and Flash according to Opera.

Feature highlights
  • Start page shows a "Speed Dial" screen with nine customizable visual bookmark thumbnails similar to its desktop counterpart.
  • Browser options to the bottom of the screen.
  • Visual representations of bookmarks, tabbed browsing, a password manager, and improved touch-screen navigation that includes kinetic scrolling and adaptive zooming.

Opera Mobile 10 is available for free on Opera’s Web site, and it’s compatible with Windows Mobile handsets like the Touch Pro 2, Tilt 2, and others.  [Via InformationWeek]

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Seesmic: Twitter, Facebook Client for Blackberry and Android Available

image Seesmic, the client for Twitter, Facebook with multiple timelines, just announced the availability for Android and Blackberry versions, in addition to the Web and AIR desktop (Windows & Mac) clients.

Android users can download the Seesmic 1.0 from the Android Market app. Users of Blackberry 4.6 and later can download Seesmic 1.0.6 beta  from, from the BlackBerry browser.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”318″][/youtube]

Susan Boyle Pulverized Amazon’s CD Pre-Order Record History

Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who became famous after  the Britian’s Got Talent has seen her new album become the biggest CD pre-order in’s history.

Her album entitled “I Dream a Dream” will be released on Monday, November 23rd has surpassed the previous record set by Japanese rock group Mr Children’s Supermarket Fantasy in 2008 Amazon confirmed.

“Just eight months ago, no-one was aware of the talents of Susan Boyle. Now, she has generated more Amazon pre-order CD sales globally than any other artist,” Julian Monaghan said.

Watch Susan Boyle her first single from the album  “Wild Horses”

[youtube width=”500″ height=”318″]DJIDr15duZk[/youtube]

Order yours HERE! 

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Google News Optimized for iPhone, Android and Palm Pre

GoogleNews Google just announced a completely new revamped Google News site formatted for iPhone, Android, and Palm Pre users. (Google already offer a mobile-optimized version of Google News for Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and S60). Google News for mobile is now available in 29 languages and 70 editions.

The mobile site displays more stories, sources, and images while keeping a familiar look and feel. Also, you can now reach your favorite sections, discover new ones, find articles and play videos in fewer clicks. If you are an existing Google News reader on desktop, you will find that all of your personalization’s are honored in this mobile version too.

Don’t forget the small “Jumps in” link on the top right corner to go to a specific section.  If you want to browse and read news from other popular newspapers, please check out Google Fast Flip site!.   [Source Google]

Google Chrome OS Summary

Today, Google delivered technical concepts of the Chrome OS and promises its launch in about a year. Google is basically trying to simplify the personal computing experience based on the following principles:

  • The OS will be hardware dependent. It requires a Netbook like device equipped with solid state drive and WiFi (801.11N) as a minimum. The boot time should be as fast 
    as turning on a TV set, according to Google.
  • Only Web based apps are supported. We should expects a flavor of Google Gears to be included to facilitate the online/ offline sync’ing situation. The OS will rely on other online services such Adobe, Microsoft Office online should you have the need to open those file types.
  • App will run in its own space to maintain separation between the OS and App similar to process that run in tabs of Google Chrome browser today.
  • All data are sync’ed with the “Cloud”, so swapping/ replacing hardware should be painless
  • The user interface will be similar to the Chrome browser with addition of application tabs
  • User data is encrypted automatically when it leaves the device to maintain data integrity.
  • No relationship between the Android and Chrome platform development at this point.


[Photos credit ZDnet]

As an open source project, prior to the announcement, Google released the source code to developers without a working Beta. The OS will be free when it is available. The launch is planned for the end of next year. Below is a short video that justifies the need for the new OS.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”318″]0QRO3gKj3qw[/youtube]

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Trillian, Cross Platform IM is now Available on iPhone

imageTrillian, the cross platform messaging service that lets you connect to multiple IM and social networks at the same time, managing contacts and real time status feeds efficiently, has just made available its version for iPhone and iPod Touch. This addition adds to Trillian Web and Windows version, (Mac OS version is still in the work).

Trillian for iPhone integrates all major IM networks in one app: AIM, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk in one place! Everything in Trillian for iPhone is straightforward. A contacts screen displays all your IM contacts, properly grouped and sorted. You can also search and mark contacts as favorites.  Chat windows showcase a neat bubble view and tabs so you can easily chat (including copy/paste!) with multiple contacts just like you do on your desktop. You can set your status, set your avatar, set your status message and so on. In addition.

Trillian for iPhone is always connected to the Astra server, and utilizes the ability of Astra assets to be instantaneously synchronized across multiple clients. There is no need to re-add or re-organize your contacts between your iPhone, the web and Windows desktop.

With the new iPhone OS 3.0, iPhones can now receive push notifications from service providers like Trillian Astra. Your iPhone will instantly alert you whenever you receive an instant message, even if the application itself is closed.

You can see the long list of Trillian features HERE! iPhone / iPod Touch users can get Trillian HERE ($4.99) in the app store.

Available for All Editions





Windows Live (MSN)


Google Talk


Available for Windows Currently






POP3 Mail


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Urbanspoon for Blackberry Released

imageA great free utility that has been available on the iPhone for while, now ported to the Blackberry platform.

Confused no more about finding place to eat, especially when you are in group. You are just a shake away to find the perfect place to go!

Urbanspoon’s Blackberry app is a kind of restaurant slot machine. Just hit the space bar (or shake the phone if you have a Storm) and the wheels will spin, until they settle on a good nearby restaurant for you. You can also lock down the neighborhood, cuisine and price you are interested in. Keep spinning until you get a restaurant you want to try.

Blackberry users, get the app HERE, the iPhone version is available from iTunes.

Video Courtesy of Crackberry