Show Note #024 Google Voice

Google Voice, một dịch vụ miễn phí, cho phép người dùng (từ Hoa Kỳ) sử dụng một số điện thoại duy nhất để theo dõi các cuộc gọi tới số máy ở nhà, văn phòng và điện thoại di động. Dịch vụ mới này sử dụng công nghệ nhận diện giọng nói chuyển thư thoại sang dạng text.

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D-Link Pebble, a Media Player for Your Living Room

D-Link, the household name for wireless router introduced a stylish addition to any home entertainment environment, the D-Link Pebble, an uniquely designed media player that lets users play virtually all of their media in an attractive, easy-to-use and compact device.

This is the second set top box from D-Link after the $200 Boxee, a PC that bring Web video contents to your living room TV and entertainment center.

image Pebble streams music, photos and video wherever they are stored. On external hard drives, in USB thumb drives, SD/XM/Flash memory cards, network attached storage (NAS) devices, PCs or the Internet. An optional dongle is available for wireless 802.11n connectivity.

When attached to a home network — either wired or wireless — the D-Link Pebble accepts media files from any PC on the network or NAS device, and allows playback on the entertainment center TV and stereo with high-resolution quality and crystal clear sound. The intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) makes user navigation quick and point-click-and-play easy.

The USB 2.0 ports support an external hard drive, thumbdrives, various memory card formats and a USB wireless dongle. HDMI 1.3 and analog video output and composite audio also are built into the Pebble for the ultimate viewing and listening experience.
Price and Availability

The D-Link Pebble will be available in the first half of 2010 through the company’s vast network of retail and retail outlets, and at D-Link’s online store,, for the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) expected to be $119.99.

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Don’t Expect Flash Support on Apple iPad, iPhone Any Time Soon

image Followed to the iPad announcement, there were much noise about Apple marketing material mistakenly left a Web page with a working Flash content (has been removed since). This raised hope that Apple would allow Flash contents in to its mobile OS.  Flash has been the most popular video technology used to embed to the Web. Apple provides a way to overcome the issue with popular sites like YouTube on its iPhone OS.

In the last internal town home meeting, some info have been leaked out stating Jobs blames the buggy nature of Adobe Flash implementation on the Mac platform that prevents Apple from adopting the technology. He hopes HTML5 will be implemented ubiquitously soon to completely circumvent the need of  Flash to playback video on the Web.

Other leaks information include:

  • Apple will not let Google kills the iPhone with more aggressive updates and innovation
  • The iPad will be as strategic product as the iPhone and Mac for Apple moving forward
  • The next iPhone will be characterized as an A+ update
  • The new Mac released in 2010 will take the platform to the next level
  • Apple is still evaluating Blu-Ray technology
  • The newly acquired Lala company will be working with the iTunes team       

[Via Macrumors Source Wired]

Issuu PDF Bookshelf a la iPad


Issuu the YouTube-like for PDF files, has been offering a bookshelf for while. The presentation has a striking similarity with iPad iBook app that Steve Jobs unveiled last Wednesday. I do not know if there is any cooperation between the two companies.

At, users can choose from over 1 million free publications from Bauer Media, Penguin Books, Random House and more including the web’s best indie publishers. Or publish your very own. Issuu has millions of user-generated contents that you can enjoy. Most of them have embed capability.

Furthermore, Issuu  just picked two platforms for its free mobile edition. Available now on Android marketplace and soon on iPhone App store. Mobile users can now access your favorite magazines, newspapers, catalogs and more everywhere you go. Enjoy the best mobile reading experience and share it with your friends. All the popular features of Issuu are included in the mobile version: get notified of the latest editions, subscribe to your favorite publishers, see what your friends are reading, keep up with your groups, synchronize with My Library, and much much more.

Go to on your Android phone’s browser to get started.

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Use Google Voice for Free Texting (SMS) to Multi-Recipients

image Among other goodness of Google Voice, Text SMS not only for free, it conveniently lets you send the same text to several recipients at once.

You can start typing to the To: box with the auto-completion and select your recipient one by one.

There is no group setting available yet, but it is still a very useful feature. You might want to create manually a list of your group in a txt file and copy/pasted perhaps.

The Google Voice extension for Chrome browser we mentioned few days ago, offers the same feature.

[Via LifeHacker]

Skype Confirmed VoIP over 3G is Coming

As we reported few days ago, Apple  is now allowing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch developers to build apps that can make VoIP Internet calls over a 3G cellular network.

"We revised our Program License Agreement in conjunction with our updated Software Development Kit for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Apps," wrote an Apple spokesperson.  "Included in this update is the ability for developers to create VoIP apps that utilize cellular networks." 

image VoIP calls in general are free between VoIP clients (small app running on mobile device or computer). Smaller fees incurred for calling to regular landlines, cellphone numbers  & International calls.

iCall and fring are the first iPhone applications that take advantage of Apple policy change but strangely, Skype, the most popular VoIP application is still in the waiting line to release its own client supporting VoIP over 3G – Note that Skype users can use fring to make calls over 3G now.

Skype, reportedly said it had a 3G iPhone app ready to go, but wanted to get a couple of service details squared away. Skype is waiting for Apple to clarify when the new SDK terms of service for iPhone OS 3.2 SDK beta (iPad), which were published yesterday, will go into effect for current iPhone users who are still bound under the terms of iPhone OS 3.12 SDK, according to Skype spokesman Chaim Haas.

"As soon as we have that clarification, Skype will submit its application for approval," Haas wrote.

The change to allow VoIP over 3G will have impact when cellular providers sell data 3G only plans such AT&T &  Apple iPad offerings. User could bypass completely the voice minute-plan. This could be the starting point of paradigm switch to everything data… Same concept could be soon a reality for print magazine, Television, etc…

[Via LA Times]

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Skype over 3G iPhone Possible with fring

fring,  a free unified instant messaging that runs on the iPhone. Users can live text chat/voice chat with MSN Live Messenger, Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo, as well as  Twitter.

The VoIP feature is a bonus for iPhone users, until now only works on WiFi. Apple recently opened VoIP call over 3G network, unfortunately the popular VoIP client Skype has not updated its version. fring user can however enable Skype to work on 3G.

fring users and our team alike are very excited that Apple Inc. have allowed independent iPhone VoIP applications over 3G networks, letting users make voice and video calls over whichever internet access suits their needs at any given place and time,” said Avi Shechter, Co-Founder & CEO of fring in a statement released today.

I am not certain that Push notification and video chat work for Skype users. Other Skype features and functions are included in Fring.

Of course, the best use of Skype VoIP call versus your carrier cellular voice is for oversea calls. Skype offers inexpensive rates. 

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Apple iPad A4 Processor Unveiled

Granted the beautiful hardware and the intuitive software make the iPad shine but the demon speed of execution really awed the people who played with the device at the event yesterday.

image “It is fast, fast, fast. Web pages render so fast it was hard to believe…On the iPad, they seem to render nearly instantly. The Maps app is crazy fast. Apps launch fast. Scrolling is fast. The Photos app is fast. ..”

The 1GHz clock speed combined with fast video rendering and the 10 Hr battery life make many specialist wonder the secret sauce the Apple A4 CPU.

BrightsideofNews shed some light on the A4. The A4 is indeed a  System-on-a-Chip, or SOC integrates the main processor [ARM Cortex-A9, identical to ones used in nVidia Tegra and Qualcomm Snapdragon] with graphics silicon [ARM Mali GPU], and other functions like the memory controller on one piece of silicon.

Ashok Kumar, an analyst Northeast Securities, says the system-on-a-chip is the fruit of Apple’s internal development though its core processor is still based on a design from United Kingdom-based ARM. In Apple’s own words, it’s "custom silicon that we designed for this product." Apple acquired chip designer PA Semi in 2008. And it is worth pointing out that this is the first time Apple has announced an Apple-branded chip.

Richard Doherty, director of technology consulting firm Envisioneering Group, in an interview last week said this about the Apple chip technology versus competing silicon from companies like Qualcomm, Freescale, and others that license the basic design from ARM: "There’s nothing that I can see from ARM licensees or Intel that could challenge the power-per-watt, the power-per-buck, the power-per-cubic-millimeter of size. Apple is going to have quite a performance, battery efficiency, and cost advantage over the competition."

[Source Brightsideofnews]

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Show Note #023 Apple iPad

Sau nhiều đồn thổi, sản phẩm tablet của Apple chính thức được côn bố bỡi ông Steve Jobs, Tổng giám đốc Apple. Được mang tên iPad, với màn hình cảm ứng đa điểm và có khả năng lướt web, gửi e-mail, xem hình ảnh, video, chơi game tốt hơn bất kỳ smartphone nào đang được bán trên thị trường. "iPad là sự kết hợp giữa iPhone và máy tính xách tay nhưng hấp dẫn hơn nhờ yếu tố mỏng và màn hình điện dung", Jobs cho biết

Phần 1/2 [youtube width=”500″ height=”314″][/youtube] Video link
[youtube width=”500″ height=”314″][/youtube]
Video link

iPad mỏng 1,25 cm, màn hình gương 9,7 inch độ phân giải 1.024 x 768 với đèn nền LED và công nghệ IPS. Phiên bản Wi-Fi nặng 0,68 kg còn 3G là 0,73 kg. iPad có thời lượng pin dài, có thể hoạt động liên tục 10 giờ hoặc một tháng ở chế độ standby. Đây cũng là thiết bị đầu tiên dùng chip A4 1 GHz của Apple thay vì bộ vi xử lý của nhà sản xuất thứ ba.

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Apple Lifts 3G VoIP Restrictions, iCall with 3G Support Available Immediately

iCall VoIP services for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch are now available for use over 3G networks such as AT&T wireless.
image Apple Computer, Inc. has updated the iPhone developer SDK to allow VoIP over cellular networks. iCall is the first and only VoIP application that functions on the iPhone and iPod Touch over cellular 3G networks.

iCall is a market leader in desktop and mobile-based desktop calling platforms, including its highly popular version for the Apple iPhone.  Until today, restrictions imposed on developers prohibited VoIP functionality on any 3G network.

VoIP on the iPhone has been the source of many debates with companies such as Google being denied access to the platform and the FCC inquiring as to the restrictions in the Apple App Store; iCall is one of the few VoIP applications that has been permitted by Apple to operate on the iPhone platform.

With the latest revisions Apple has made to the iPhone developer agreement and Software Development Kit, iCall for the iPhone and iPod Touch now enabled unrestricted free local and long distance calling over 3G data networks.  iCall with support for VoIP over 3G networks is now available in the App Store for download.  iCall is the first and only VoIP application available for the iPhone platform that allows use over 3G networks.  iCall for the iPhone and iPod Touch may now be downloaded from the App Store HERE

iCall CEO Arlo Gilbert is quoted as saying, "I applaud Apple’s decision to allow iCall to extend its functionality beyond Wi-Fi and onto the 3G networks. This heralds a new era for VoIP applications on mobile platforms, especially for iCall and our free calling model. I hope that now more developers will begin using our VoIP as a platform to integrate VoIP into their applications."

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