New Windows Phone 7 Series Announcement Video

image A new announcement video of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series just popped up on YouTube that I have not seen before. 

“With the introduction of Windows Phone 7 Series. We’ve transformed the mobile experience by aligning your apps, your contacts, and most importantly — your phone— with your life in motion. Now its your chance to see what its all about — check out our launch video.”


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Location / Nearby Searches

Search engines refine the search with context more and more, especially with location-based aware. In the latest mobile version of Google and Bing offerings, users can use Google option “Near me now”. or “business”, yesterday, Google just added the same function on the desktop version.

Go to, type in your search arguments (e.g. Pizza); open search option panel, select “nearby” to see the search results based on your current IP address location. also offer similar feature called “local listings for..”


Search results  provide clearly location, map, phone numbers, etc…

Nexus One Customization

image Unlike Apple iPhone, Windows phone 7 series, Palm WebOS, the Nexus One will be one of a very few remaining platforms that allow UI customization.

After few months of availability, we’ve already seen the port of HTC Sense UI. Now the latest mods involve multi-color trackball options, custom live wallpaper and 360 degree rotation using  the built-in accelerometer, etc..

Similar to Windows Mobile, you can easily find he latest Nexus One Android’s mods in XDA developer forum.

[youtube][/youtube] Video link

[Via IntoMobile]

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Microsoft Shows off LG Apollo Powered by Windows Phone 7 Series

CropperCapture[5] On the Engadget live show, Microsoft representative publicly shows off the LG Apollo running the upcoming mobile OS fro Microsoft. Previously, the handset was rumored to be launched as early as  September 2010.

LG might be the first manufacturer to launch the new OS. Other manufacturers confirmed to Microsoft OS are HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Dell, Garmin-Asus, Toshiba and HP.

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Chile Earthquake & Tsunami watch

image As the disaster struck Chile early this morning and the threat of tsunami across pacific shores. The Web has been extremely active, especially the wait of the first waves arriving to the islands of Hawaii. Many video and audio streams and social media discussion have been feverishly active.

Our prayers and sympathy are with the victims and their family in the quake & tsunami zones!

Below are the live feed for your review. Courtesy Ustream and CBS.


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PhotoScatter: Ping.FM for iPhone Photo Sharing

image In a world of social media overload, services such , Posterous or hellotxt could help you to spread your status update across social media sites at once. If photo is worth thousand words for you, similar services for photo sharing would come in handy.

For iPhone owner, snapping pictures is easy but sharing them beyond email, mms is harder. Specific app such Flickr uploader is great but it only upload to Flickr.

A new app called PhotoScatter is here to help! The app comes in 2 flavors. The ad supported free version lets you send a photo to Facebook, Flickr, ShutterFly, PhotoBucket, Picasa, and Twitpic at once. If the ads bother you, there is also a paid version that costs $3. The paid version delivers the same features with ad free and faster upload speed.


[Via Go2web20]

Nexus One Coming to Verizon March 23rd

image As soon as the FCC cleared the Google Nexus One with CDMA sauce, news came out from Neowin’s source that Verizon will release the device on March 23rd. This will mark the second major carrier to market the Google flagship Android 2.1 Smartphone in the US. 

The launch would coincide with the International CTIA wireless show (Cellular Telephone Industries Association).

The Nexus One is available unlocked for a price of $529 currently. Consumers can also order the phone through T-Mobile for $179 with a two year contract. In related news the Nexus One is expected to be available in Europe from April on the Vodafone network.

[Via Neowin]

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YouTube Latest Changes to Video Page: New Playlist Experience, Integrated Comments & More..

YouTube team is overhauling their video page in a way they call “one of the biggest redesigns in YouTube history".

New playlist interface: a new playlist design and introduced an AutoPlay On/Off switch that controls whether you automatically go to the next video or not.

Queue comes to search: When you search from the video page, you can now add videos to your queue. Many viewers have indicated they enjoy watching and programming the ‘next up’ experience, so they’ve made it easier.

Integrated comments: The comments section now lists both text and video responses, bringing together the whole spectrum of conversation going on around a video.

The new design will be rolling out gradually. You can take a sneak peek HERE! 

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Wearable EV-DO Embedded to M2M and CE

image Novatel, the maker of Sprint/ Verizon mobile hotspot MiFi device is expanding its portfolio of  the  same technology embedded machine to machine (M2M) and consumer electronic (CE) devices.

In partnership with the mobile chip maker Qualcomm, Novatel broadband technology will be found in  two Qualcomm Wearable Mobile Device module designs.

“Qualcomm is pleased to share its innovative Wearable Mobile Device module technology with Novatel,” said Jack Steenstra, Vice President of Engineering at Qualcomm. “Qualcomm’s Wearable Mobile Device module designs enable the development of very small form factor devices. This technology transfer agreement will allow Novatel Wireless to commercialize the Wearable Mobile Device WMD-1X and EV-DO modules under its existing agreements with Qualcomm, making them readily available to device developers.”

We should expect the fruits of this partnership will emerge soon in automobile, mobile phones, home appliance, etc…

[Via SlashGear]

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iPhones Arrive to a RadioShack Near You!

Radio Shack plans to sell the iPhone in virtually all of its stores at the end of March, executives said in a conference call this week.

image All carriers are looking for additional distribution outlets to reach out to consumers. In the US Radio shack has been in relationship with all 4 US major carriers to sell their products, except the iPhone from AT&T, but the restriction will be lifted soon.  

"We are currently implementing several hundred stores per week with a plan to have the product available in about 3,000 stores by the end of March," Julian Day, the company’s chief executive, said in a fourth-quarter conference call transcribed by Seeking Alpha.  "We just wanted to make sure we had absolutely everything right, turned out we did. And we are now, as we said earlier, going full ball, rolling that device out to our stores.”  Julian Day adds.   [Via Gearlog]

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