Droid X’s MultiTouch Keyboard Available to Android 2.1 Smartphones

imageThere are many multi-touch screen smartphones out there, but most of soft keyboards do not offer multi-touch support, meaning unlike your desktop, you can not hit Shift and the letter at the same time for uppercase,.. 

The new Motorola Droid X has that feature enable. As soon as the new Droid X dumps has become available in the wild, folks from  XDA-developers were able to port this keyboard to all phone running Android 2.1.

The .apk file is available for download at xdadeveloper forum

The hack does not require rooting to install. Upon completion,  go to Settings > Language & Keyboard, check the "Multi-touch Keyboard" option. To type text in, long press the text box and select the "Multi-touch keyboard".

Note: Haptic feedback is not working with this hack.

Video link

[Via AndroidGuy & AndroidPolice Video courtesy of droid-life.com]]

Tương Lai của Apple

image With the new retina’s high resolution display, the masterful neo-classic design along with relentless innovation in software features and intuitive user interface, Apple iPhone 4, again undeniably  has raised the new bar for high-end smartphones.

Similar to the previous versions in their time, Apple maintains a  comfortable gap when comparing its products  to other smartphone manufacturers as far as value and popularity. Nevertheless, today competitive landscape is very different from 3 years ago when the iPhone was born. This time, Apple will be under scrutiny to maintain its pace, which has been set  very high with the incredible success of the iPad and the new iPhone 4. However, the predictable yearly refresh cycle that Apple adheres might be the target of Android army and other major smartphone platforms that are not tied to any preset cycle. Later this year, many announcements are prepared to go head-to-head with Apple offerings:

HTC Vision, a another superphone from Taiwanese manufacturer, is rumored to get the dual core 800 GHz and Android 3.0 OS along with super AMOLED 4.3” display…Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform is getting ready to launch its biggest assault with major manufacturers and multiple carrier partners, the new devices will include: KIN studio-like feature, Social Networking and even an advertising platform among other things,.. Blackberry has seen its market-share eroded by the iPhone and Android devices, RIM has announced  something unprecedented  will be on the way. Nokia new Linux-based Meego powered spartphones will try to be competitive again…

Thinking Apple is sleeping on laurels is naïve, Even without further major innovation, Apple still has lots of room for minor improvements that can take place outside of it refresh cycle . The company can easily make its iDevices available to more than one wireless carrier,  adding minor changes such the camera on the iPad and iPod Touch, adding 3G support for Facetime, etc…  

The bar has been set very high last week by Apple, it will be even be pushed further within the next few months.  Smartphone vendors understand the magic combo for success is not only based on hardware. Software, App, and the whole ecosystem surrounded need to be raised as well and this is not an easy task to overcome.

Apple Thừa Nhận Ăng-ten của iPhone 4 Có Vấn Đề. iOS 4.0.1 Sẽ Hồi Phục Làn Sóng

Có rất nhiều sở hửu chủ mới của iPhone 4 phàn nàn nếu chẳng may chạm vào viền ăng-ten chạy quanh iPhone 4, đặc biêt là khi cầm chiếc điện thoại này bằng tay trái, tín hiệu sóng sẽ bị giảm đi rất nhiều và có khi thì mất hẳn.

Tối qua, Apple có thông báo một cách bán chính thưc trong forum của Apple Insider, rằng vấn đề có thể được giải đáp qua phần software. Một phiên bản 4.0.1 mới, sẽ xuất hiện  đầu tuần tới….

image The issue of holding the iPhone 4 in certain way might cause the reduction in cell signal reception has caused a big wave of discontentment among users and bloggers. My brother living in Europe told me many users waiting for the new device have turned around to get the older 3GS instead.

The circumvention that Apple advised is to avoid bridging the 2 parts of the metal bar surrounded the iPhone body when making call..

Late last evening,  Apple Insider Readers report that Apple’s tech support forums originally confirmed that a iOS 4.0.1 software fix addressing the issue would ship early next week (as early as Monday), before the comments were subsequently taken down along with all the other related discussion about the matter.


“….. The fix is expected to address a issue in iOS 4 related to radio frequency calibration of the baseband. Readers who saw the original forum discussions say that the issue is believed to occur when switching frequencies; because the lag is allegedly not calibrated correctly, it results in the device reporting "no service" rather than switching to the frequency with the best signal to noise ratio.

iOS 4 introduced some enhancements to how the baseband selects which frequencies to use, so it makes sense that the error may have crept into those changes. Additionally, this explains why iOS 4 has also caused similar problems for iPhone 3GS users”

This will be all behind us this Monday, let’s pray for it!
[via Apple Insider]

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Tải PocketWeather miễn phí cho iPhone Hôm nay!

image Our friends at SBSH, a prominent  mobile app developer, just sent to our way the news that the great PocketWeather app is now free for download from the iTune app store.  

“Get worldwide weather reports directly to your iPhone/iPod Touch anytime! PocketWeather is the most powerful weather tracking solution for iPhone/iPod Touch, featuring a robust weather engine wrapped with a stylish, simple to use user interface.”

Watch the below video for more:

Video link

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Microsoft Windows Phone 7: “Nguồn Máy Cung Cấp Quảng Cáo”

image Trong một bài thuyết trình cho một số khán thính giả thương mại, ông  Kostas Mallios, giám đốc của Microsoft về chiến lược và phát triển kinh doanh, đã cố gắng thuyết phục rằng Microsoft Windows 7 có thể cho phép các nhà quảng cáo để kết nối với người tiêu dùng một cách dễ dễ dàng.

In a presentation to a marketing focus audience Kostas Mallios, Microsoft’s general manager for Strategy and Business Development  tried to convey Microsoft new Windows Phone platform that can enable advertisers to connect with consumers seamlessly.

Unlike the previous model of making just software, the company follows Apple and Google to exploit the yet untamed advertising market on the mobile devices.

In his words:

"(WP7 is) an extra move on our NUI (natural user interface). We’re trying to get technology out of the way of people.…. For consumers, what this means is basically seamless experiences, seamless social connectivity – not just about applications, obviously about the phone, obviously about media…For marketers … this is actually turning out, in my view, to be an ad-serving machine," he continued. "It basically enables advertisers to connect with consumers over time."..

The upcoming Windows Phones 7 will enable advertisers to push notification by using the new API called “Toast” to send ads dynamically to the homescreen tiles or the slide down banners  Thankfully, users will be able to opt-out if they choose so.

Video link

On an unrelated subject, we learned Windows Phone 7 might be launched in October and the KIN studio-like will be featured on the new platform.

Microsoft gave another presentation evangelizing to app developers last March, check it out HERE! 

[Via WMPowerUser]

iPhone 4 Reception Issues and Strange Possible Cause.

imageThe iPhone 4 features a clever design with the antenna built inside the metal band surrounding the body. The goal is to improve the cell signal reception, which has been the main criticism of the previous generations. Until now, the cause was uncertain and the blame mostly went to AT&T.

However, the first wave of new iPhone 4 owners is still complaining about poor reception, especially when they hold the phone with the left hand.

It turned out there is a notch on the metal band , which was purposely designed to separate the 2 built-in antennas. Connecting the 2 parts results in degradation of signal reception (as proven in this video)

Apple officially confirmed this theory. and issues this statement:


“Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. If you ever experience this on your iPhone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases”

This is a very strange design issue, especially when it comes from Apple. We hope to hear further development about this.

[Via Engadget]

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Viết và Gởi Email Với Phông Chử Viết tay Của Bạn

imageViết email là một phương pháp thuận tiện và nhanh chóng mà chúng ta xử dụng hằng ngày, nhưng email lại thiếu tính cách thân mật không như một lá thơ viết tay. PilotHandwritting là một dịch vụ mới trên mạng để nối liền email và thơ viết tay.

Compose an email is convenient and fast but it definitely lacks of personal touch when compared to a handwritting note. 

PilotHandwritting tries to bridge the two with an innovative way. The online service will send for you an email with your own handwritting fonts.

Here how it works: You first print out the template and fill in the corresponding letter in lowercase and uppercase. Upon completion, the service offers several ways to get it back to the site including using your Webcam. Review and correct your fonts if needed as shown in the below video.  After this initial process, the site allows you to start composing the email using your handwritting fonts.

Video link

Gọi Điện Thoại Skype Miễn Phí Trong Một Tháng

Football subscription promotionsĐể chào mừng một mùa World Cup Soccer, Skype vừa thông báo sẽ cho gọi miễn phí đến các nước trên Thế Giới trong vòng một tháng.

To celebrate a season of World Cup Soccer, Skype is offering you free calls to qualifying countries for a month. Pick one of these great deals and talk football with your friends and family.

[Via Skype]

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Microsoft Trình Duyệt Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft muốn cho bạn biết rằng họ sẽ sớm phát hành Internet Explorer 9. Phiên bản mới sẽ có sự hỗ trợ HTML5 nâng cao và tốc độ dựng hình sẽ được cải thiện rất nhiều so với Google Chrome, Firefox, v.v….

image Microsoft just wants to let you know that its developers are working hard to soon release a browser that you can truly enjoy your Web browsing experience. With IE9, the HTML5 support is greatly enhanced and the rendering speed will be greatly improved with Potatoes Gun comparison to others popular browsers.. 

In this video, Rob Mauceri, Group Program Manager for Internet Explorer, shows some of the new developer samples available in the third build of the IE9 Platform Preview available on the IE Test Drive.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

[Via Channel9]

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Tìm và Theo Bạn từ Facebook, LinkedIn trên Twitter

Trong một nỗ lực nhằm mở rộng số thành viên tham dự, Twitter vừa cập nhật tính năng tìm bạn bè của mình từ Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook và LinkdIn.

In an effort to widen its user base, Twitter just enhanced its find friends feature that  lets you  find your acquaintances from your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and LinkdIn contacts 


Furthermore, Twitter just released an Facebook app to help you to find and possible follow your Facebook friends who already have Twitter account. The app also lets you post your Tweets to your Facebook profile and now, to one of your Facebook pages too.

UPDATE: The Facebook app cannot currently access your Facebook friend list. We believe this is an issue on Facebook’s end.

Twitter is also taping in to the second most popular Social Networking site LinkedIn with the Tweets application by LinkedIn, you can see which of your LinkedIn connections are on Twitter and follow the ones you choose right from the app. The app also lets you save your LinkedIn connections as a list, post your Tweets to LinkedIn, and add your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile.

[Via Twitter Blog]