A Thinner Kindle is on Its Way

Amazon introduced the Kindle in 2007, an e-reader device that allow users to purchase and download wirelessly books from Amazon over 3G network. The device is designed for  people seeking dedicated book reading experience without any other distraction. Kindle fans adore the device for its long lasting battery life; its monochrome screen mimics the appearance of paper without strain of your eyes. Kindle right size and weight are also very attractive feature.

Lately, the device faces increased competition from more capable Apple iPad and few other e-Reading devices. But Amazon also made available its Kindle application on other platforms to keep customers to continue purchasing Amazon bookstore, should they choose to read them on other devices.  

Rumor from Bloomberg states that Amazon plans to introduce the next version of its Kindle electronic-book reader in August, according to two people familiar with its plans.

The new version reportedly will be thinner and have a more responsive screen with a sharper picture. Despite the fact that  Amazon bought Touchco, which specializes in touch-screen technology, the new device won’t have neither touch-screen capability nor color screen.

About 6 million e-readers will be sold this year, up from 3 million last year, according to Forrester Research Inc. The Kindle has about 60 percent of the U.S. market, followed by Sony with 35 percent, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based research firm estimates.

The new device is expected to be announced in August timeframe.

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