Tech Show with Media By Leo Laporte

Podcast pioneer Leo Laporte gave a talk at theOnline News Association Conference in San Francisco on Friday, giving insights into the future of media coupled with anecdotes from his work in television and radio. The keynote, entitled “Lunch with Leo”, runs 40 minutes, but it’s well worth the time if you’re involved in online media and broadcasting.

The most interesting tidbit: Laporte’s TWiT (This Week in Tech) network does $1.5 million in revenue per year, doubling yearly. His costs, however, are more impressive: it only takes $350,000 per year to run the business with 7 employees.

[Source Mashable]

Lindsey Đỗ & Hùng Phan! Who are They?

Lindsey Do & Hung Phan?

Who are they?

Watch soon-will-air TechTivi Show on SaigonTiVi!

Watch to see how enthusiastic are two self-confessed tech junkies from Southern California.


Lindsey Đỗ & Hùng Phan?

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Show Note #005 Smartphones

What’s a smartphone?
That question is tough to answer, mainly because there’s no agreed-upon definition of the term. The best way to think of a smartphone is a device that can make calls using a cellular service, but which also has the features and functions of a small desktop computer or PDA(Personal Digital Assistant). Like a computer or a PDA, a smartphone runs an operating system and you can install applications on it. A majority of smartphones run one of the following operating systems:

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Show Note #004 Manage Digital Videos

For special occasions such Weddings, Sport events, Baby’s first steps, etc.. the great way to capture memory would be with video.  Unlike photos, Video contents are more difficult to save or to share due to its size. In this episode, we will discover as a consumer, what are the available options to enjoy your motion creation.

If you love taping video but do not want the hassles that come along. Among the topics, we will cover: Video format, pick the right camera, YouTube cameras, Upload to YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, Sharing with friends, publish on online communities…  Let’s discover the latest trends. Continue reading

Show Note #001 Cách Để Dấu Tiếng Việt

This is our first 30 minute installment of our TechTiVi show. In this episode we will give you a short introduction. In the main topic, we will discover together the easy way to place Vietnamese accents and tone marks in your text entry. Lastly, we will learn how to navigate Web site to complement the TV shows.

  • Introduction
  • Special Topic: Learn how to place Vietnamese accents and tone marks for text entry
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