Don’t Expect Flash Support on Apple iPad, iPhone Any Time Soon

image Followed to the iPad announcement, there were much noise about Apple marketing material mistakenly left a Web page with a working Flash content (has been removed since). This raised hope that Apple would allow Flash contents in to its mobile OS.  Flash has been the most popular video technology used to embed to the Web. Apple provides a way to overcome the issue with popular sites like YouTube on its iPhone OS.

In the last internal town home meeting, some info have been leaked out stating Jobs blames the buggy nature of Adobe Flash implementation on the Mac platform that prevents Apple from adopting the technology. He hopes HTML5 will be implemented ubiquitously soon to completely circumvent the need of  Flash to playback video on the Web.

Other leaks information include:

  • Apple will not let Google kills the iPhone with more aggressive updates and innovation
  • The iPad will be as strategic product as the iPhone and Mac for Apple moving forward
  • The next iPhone will be characterized as an A+ update
  • The new Mac released in 2010 will take the platform to the next level
  • Apple is still evaluating Blu-Ray technology
  • The newly acquired Lala company will be working with the iTunes team       

[Via Macrumors Source Wired]

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