Google Buzz for WM, Blackberry, Nokia S60 and Palm WebOS

Back in February, Google launched Google Buzz for mobile, a Twitter-like Social Networking services. The service was much criticized due to its privacy approach. Since then, Google pretty much addressed the concerns.

At lauch, Google Buzzt was only available for devices running Android 2.0+ and iPhone. Not any more! Today we’re a releasing an XHTML version of the Buzz website which can be accessed from many other mobile devices (by going to in your phone’s browser). , including those running Android pre-2.0, Blackberry, Nokia S60, and Windows Mobile.

Just log-in with your Google (Gmail) ID and password, you will be able to view the stream of buzz posts, post publicly or privately, comment or like a post, and more. On the BlackBerry platform, you can also enable location through your browser settings. This will allow you to get to the Nearby view, where you’ll find geo-tagged posts near you. In addition, you can tag your post with your location. Please note that location features might not work on some devices.

[Source Google]

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