HTC to Bring Budget Smartphones to the US

image At the last CES, HTC unveiled a phone that runs Qualcomm’s Brew MP operating system with the company Sense UI layer on top. HTC calls it “Smartphone for the mass”, but the name Smart could represent a new platform that perhaps several models will be based on.

In an interview at the CTIA Wireless , Jason Mackenzie, vice president of HTC’s North American division shared that HTC will be bringing the Smart platform to the United States, just not that actual device"

Phones based on Smart platform are expected to sell for around $200-300 unsubsidized., Where the current Smartphones cost around $500 unsubsidized

Apparently the name of feature phone days are number as the Smartphone are picking up steam, however, according  to HTC, less sophisticated users might represent a large segment of the mobile market, and HTC will be ready for them. 

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[Via Forbes]

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