iPad Reviewed, No Big Surprises…

image As soon as the embargo is lifted, a slew of iPad reviews have hit the Web. The reviews including the usual suspect  WSJ’s Walt Mossberg, NYT’s David Pogue, PC Magazine, USA Today ans BoingBoing. And yes, I read them all.

There are no negative surprises overall, the device did fulfill what it is expected to deliver, meaning a great content consumption device; great user experience, speedy action and it exceeds expectation as far as battery life is concerned.

The already know shortfalls such lack of Flash support, multi-tasking, USB and camera don’t seem to bother much the reviewers.

The weight of the iPad at 1.5lbs, limited number of available book and not ubiquitous reading experience  might give reasons for Kindle to survive…

Mossberg goes further to mention the iPad might change the way people interact with computer..And the mouse days could be numbers… And he thinks the iPad might eclipse most laptop, netbook usage in a significant way.  

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