iPhones Arrive to a RadioShack Near You!

Radio Shack plans to sell the iPhone in virtually all of its stores at the end of March, executives said in a conference call this week.

image All carriers are looking for additional distribution outlets to reach out to consumers. In the US Radio shack has been in relationship with all 4 US major carriers to sell their products, except the iPhone from AT&T, but the restriction will be lifted soon.  

"We are currently implementing several hundred stores per week with a plan to have the product available in about 3,000 stores by the end of March," Julian Day, the company’s chief executive, said in a fourth-quarter conference call transcribed by Seeking Alpha.  "We just wanted to make sure we had absolutely everything right, turned out we did. And we are now, as we said earlier, going full ball, rolling that device out to our stores.”  Julian Day adds.   [Via Gearlog]

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