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After the launch of GoogleTV at Google I/O Developer Conference, EE Times India had an interview with Vincent Dureau, the engineer behind the project that aims to blend Web and TV experiences.

He explains how Google TV gets started, how they could rally to get premium partners behind this project..

When he was asked:  How will this attempt to merge Web and TV do better than the many others that have largely failed?

His answer:

It’s a combination of timing and product definition. In the U.S. market, it’s only now that the Web infrastructure is ready to stream high definition video over the open Internet. I would argue that was not the case even two years ago.

There is availability of [Web] content now. Programmers put premium shows on the Net at the same time as on the air. That was not the case even a year ago. And we have enough processing power in TVs and Blu-ray players to run a full browser.”

Dureau also mentioned Google TV will be an open source project designed to run on many hardware platforms and Google will make an IP control protocol available should cable companies decide to integrate to their cable box. If not IR Blaster will be the technology that Google embraces moving forward to control TV source and the DVR functions independently to cable provider cooperation.

Read the entire interview HERE! (Free registration required)

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