MapQuest 4 Mobile adds Voice Guidance to iPhone

The free MapQuest 4 Mobile app for iPhone just added turn-by-turn with street name Voice-Guidance , its latest addition to Driving Directions, for a more hands-free experience!

In addition, Mapquest provides up to 16 million Point of Interests, including local businesses.

This is a great alternative to the iPhone maps built-in and of course paid apps such TomTom, Navigon, etc..


Feature Highlights
  • NEW! Voice-Guidance speaks to you and informs you of upcoming turns. Change the settings if you prefer a sound prompt.
  • NEW! Off-Route Assistance tells you when you’ve taken a wrong turn, and gives options to help you get back on track.
  • Auto-Advance Feature improves "Find Me" by using iPhone GPS to automatically locate you within your driving directions, recognize when you have taken a turn, and prepare you with the next maneuver – all without having to touch the screen.
  • Energy savings mode allows you to set the power consumption level for MapQuest 4 Mobile – NOW with a medium setting for continued voice guidance when the screen dims!
  • Walking directions (pedestrian mode)
  • Highly usable driving directions featuring an oversized display as well as landscape mode orientation.
  • Save Maps and Routes on and retrieve on your iPhone
  • MapQuest place carousel allows you to easily display locations for hotels, movie theatres, gas stations, and more with a single tap.
  • Negotiate difficult turns/sets of turns with orientation arrows when viewing directions in map mode.
  • Free-form search for businesses and places.
  • Make your own my position icon representing You on the map. Use the built in camera or choose from a variety of existing icons.


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