Microsoft’s Revamping Windows Mobile?

image The most successful story in the consumer space for Microsoft has been the Xbox360 and its ecosystem and that where Microsoft seems to leverage to give a boost to its ailing Windows Mobile division. In the latest job posting, Microsoft is looking for a project leader with the below job description: 

“We need a Principle Program Manager who can help drive the platform and bring Xbox LIVE enabled games to Windows Mobile. This person will focus specifically on what makes gaming experiences "LIVE Enabled" through aspects such as avatar integration, social interactions, and multi-screen experiences”…

As Windows phone adoption rate is rapidly eroded with the lack of innovation and responsiveness. Android, iPhone and Blackberry continue to dominate the mobile space, we should see Microsoft will put more focus in to its mobile development.

While the next version of Windows Mobile 7 is still at large, few Windows Mobile enthusiast sites noted new leaks related to a new version Windows Mobile 6.5.3, which might bridge the gap of older version to the version 7 with capacitive screen support. 

We could hear more about the game plan of Microsoft, which hopefully will be unfold at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas.

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