OpenAppMkt: iPhone App Store Không Qua Apple, Không Cần Jailbreak

Trước khi cửa hàng Apple App ra đời, Apple đề nghị App nên phát triển trên nền web cho iPhone. Kể từ khi cửa hàng App đã trở thành một doanh nghiệp thành công và sinh lợi, Apple lại đề nghị khác. Vừa giử vị trí của người kiểm soát, vừa là trung gian giữa người dùng và nhà phát triển ứng dụng, mang đến cho Apple quyền lực to lớn… Nhiều khi người xử dụng và người viết software app bị thiệt thoài….

Before the App store exists, Apple suggested app developers to develop Web-based apps for the iPhone. Since the app store has become a successful and lucrative business, Apple might suggest otherwise. Being the only gatekeeper and the middleman between users and app developers, gives Apple tremendous power.

There are few non-Apple app stores available,  all of them require the iPhone to be “jailbroken”, which has become legal, but most casual users are not willing to go to that extend.

imageTo circumvent Apple approval process, as an example, Google has created its Voice app to run on the browser and more recently its Web-based  YouTube app that offers better both performance and features than the built-in YouTube app.   Web-based apps are essentially assessable by an URL e.g.,, user can bookmark or create an icon to put on the home screen similar to a normal app. 

OpenAppMkt, a Web portal that is acting as an app store to offers both free and commercial Web-based apps for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch..

User can find their picks; top apps and apps sorted by category to choose from including Google Voice, YouTube, Facebook, Kayak Travel, MapQuest free GPS navigation, CNN, etc…

You should give OpenAppMrk  a try, some latest HTML5 features can really give the Web-based app a seamless experience. Read more our previous article entitled “Native or Web-based Mobile App” for more.

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