Palm WebOS 1.3.5 Released for Pre and Pixi

image Sprint just made available a major update of the Palm Pre OS. WebOS went to 1.3.5, which will open up app limit, improve battery life, performance,..

We should expect more announcement, perhaps at CES about this new WebOS version as well as possible release of the Pre Plus and Pixi with WiFi on Verizon network.

Jon Rubinstein, Palm CEO promised the OS continues evolving with great features ahead in much timely fashion.

Below are the highlights

  • Improvements in battery life optimization when in marginal coverage areas.
  • Fixed distortion of contact pictures shown in Phone Application
  • Missed reminder folder is no longer missing in the Clear All button
  • QCELP capability fix to allow play and audio of video sent via MMS
  • Random power-cycling issue corrected
  • Corrected if speed dial pressed too long resulting in message Unable to Connect. No free lines
  • Launch Google Maps or Sprint Navigation when tapping an address for contacts
  • Minimized package of MR size through binary difference. Customers can now download over 2G connections if necessary.
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