PhotoScatter: Ping.FM for iPhone Photo Sharing

image In a world of social media overload, services such , Posterous or hellotxt could help you to spread your status update across social media sites at once. If photo is worth thousand words for you, similar services for photo sharing would come in handy.

For iPhone owner, snapping pictures is easy but sharing them beyond email, mms is harder. Specific app such Flickr uploader is great but it only upload to Flickr.

A new app called PhotoScatter is here to help! The app comes in 2 flavors. The ad supported free version lets you send a photo to Facebook, Flickr, ShutterFly, PhotoBucket, Picasa, and Twitpic at once. If the ads bother you, there is also a paid version that costs $3. The paid version delivers the same features with ad free and faster upload speed.


[Via Go2web20]

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