Protect Files on USB Stick

The use of USB stick has become widely popular to conveniently store and and carry your files around. Do you know that it is very easy to be forgotten and left behind at a public kiosk or somebody’s computer with perhaps your confidential data.


USB Safeguard is a portable free utility that can password protect your selective files with strong encryption algorithm.

Once downloaded, you can drag the .exe file to your USB drive and launch it (keep a copy on your PC, incase you accidentally lose it). The utility will ask for a new master password (and conveniently offers to save your password on your PC in a txt file). Subsequently it will allow you to encrypt all or selective files, just by drag and drop.

Some nifty features that are rarely seen on a free utility:

  • Option, “what to do” when intruder trying to access your encrypted files
  • Virtual keyboard to protect possible keylogger infected PC
  • Provide your email and phone# if found. In case you lose your stick while getting drunk at a bar. 

Video link

Tip: on your USB stick, rename the file USBSafeguard.exe to Call_Me_If_Found.exe

[Photo &Via LifeRock2.0]

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