Semacode Releases Free QR Reader for iPhone

As Google continues to build out its search technology that will go beyond browser-based text search, the company has gradually expanded beyond browser-based text search to include voice and image searches. The recent Google Goggles application available on Android-based only, allows user to snap or scan a picture from the phone camera for search arguments. Goggles is still a novelty, its search are still hit and miss results. 

A more reliable way is by using QR code. Google put out 100,000 Favorite Places QR codes on businesses across the USA for your convenience.

imageSemacode is releasing for iPhone users its free app for QR code reader. Semacode app uses a simple email-based login to allow you to access your complete scanning history from our new PC-based web interface, and it’s synchronized automatically. Down link (iTunes)

imageQR codes are the commercial name for a type of 2D(dimensional) bar code – as opposed to 1 dimensional barcodes which have lines running in vertical strips running in a horizontal format from left to right.

QR Codes can be implemented to do the following;
  • Display Text Only – you might want to ‘push’ an address or some other form of information as text to the handset.
    e.g. 40% off sale this Thursday to Sunday – our address is 255 George St.
  • Initiate Email Transaction – QR codes can not only initiate an email but pre-populate text into the email
    e.g.      Message:
               Subject:   “Please add me to your mailing list“.
  • Initiate SMS transaction – QR codes are often used to initiate sms.
    e.g. QR code on poster to sms Vote for “Danny” in this weeks American Idol
  • Initiate Browser Session – Most QR marketing codes initiate a browsing session for the phone to a particular website landing page (which allows for great analytics tracking of advertisements success – see landing page topic below).
  • Initiate Audio Stream – You can use a QR code to initiate the download an audio track.
    e.g. Lets say your client is Sony Records – on the billboard posters/magazine advertisements you place a small QR code – this code could download a stream of 10 second audio track previews for the reader to listen to right then and there onto their handset.
  • Initiate Video Stream – Any phone that allows video to be displayed can use QR codes to initiate playing of a video stream.
    e.g. “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull” movie poster campaign which had a QR code on the bottom right which allowed 3 minute Movie Trailer to be directly played on your mobile handset while in the cinema foyer. [Via]

You can create your own QR code HERE!

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