Skype Confirmed VoIP over 3G is Coming

As we reported few days ago, Apple  is now allowing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch developers to build apps that can make VoIP Internet calls over a 3G cellular network.

"We revised our Program License Agreement in conjunction with our updated Software Development Kit for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Apps," wrote an Apple spokesperson.  "Included in this update is the ability for developers to create VoIP apps that utilize cellular networks." 

image VoIP calls in general are free between VoIP clients (small app running on mobile device or computer). Smaller fees incurred for calling to regular landlines, cellphone numbers  & International calls.

iCall and fring are the first iPhone applications that take advantage of Apple policy change but strangely, Skype, the most popular VoIP application is still in the waiting line to release its own client supporting VoIP over 3G – Note that Skype users can use fring to make calls over 3G now.

Skype, reportedly said it had a 3G iPhone app ready to go, but wanted to get a couple of service details squared away. Skype is waiting for Apple to clarify when the new SDK terms of service for iPhone OS 3.2 SDK beta (iPad), which were published yesterday, will go into effect for current iPhone users who are still bound under the terms of iPhone OS 3.12 SDK, according to Skype spokesman Chaim Haas.

"As soon as we have that clarification, Skype will submit its application for approval," Haas wrote.

The change to allow VoIP over 3G will have impact when cellular providers sell data 3G only plans such AT&T &  Apple iPad offerings. User could bypass completely the voice minute-plan. This could be the starting point of paradigm switch to everything data… Same concept could be soon a reality for print magazine, Television, etc…

[Via LA Times]

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