Streaming Video Between iPhone and Android Phone

image Knocking Live Video by Pointy Heads Software brings brings cross-platform phone-to-phone video streaming between Android phone and iPhone (of course streaming phone to alike phone is supported too) . The streaming works over WiFi and 3G network.

Once installed and registered, users can start requesting each other permission to one way streaming video.

[youtube][/youtube] Video link

Pointy Heads Software also invites you to try its photo sharing app called called Knocking, which lets user share up to 100 photos at once between two iPhones.

From Pointy Head Software:

The latest update has many other new features and improved performance, including web search, and a new web forum where you can share your knocking experiences with other knockers. With the new username and password registration, you can now log in from multiple devices. The new more robust profile allows you to share more information about yourself (at your discretion) with other knockers. The privacy feature allows knocks from only those you want to find you.

Knocking is not just an app that runs on your phone. It is network dependent communication software, so it will work differently depending on where you are. 3G networks are improving daily, and 4G will be here soon. These network improvements will have a very positive effect on your knocking experience.

[Via TechChrunch]

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