The HTC HD2 is Windows 7 Phone Capable

image When announcing Windows Phone 7 Series, Microsoft was adamant about a new crop of devices that will adhere to Microsoft restrictions form both hardware configuration and user interface. The new OS is not downward compatible.

This morning some videos have been published on the Web showing the HTC HD2, which is running on Windows Mobile 6.5 can be ROM updated to run Windows Phone 7 OS without major issues. If the videos are indeed real, this would prove 2 points:

  • Some of current Windows Mobile phones could be upgradable whether officially if the manufacturers want to.
  • Microsoft restriction might not be tightly enforced as one might think

Or my other theory is HTC might be using this viral marketing to ensure users can spend money on the HTC HD2 now. The device actually could be upgradable to the later OS, when time permits.

Video-1 [youtube][/youtube] Video link
Video-2 [youtube][/youtube] Video link

[Via Redmondpie]

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