Khám Phá Tính Năng Mới của Microsoft Windows 8

imageMột tập PowerPoint cho thấy tính năng sắp tới của Windows 8, hệ điều hành kế tiếp từ Microsoft, đã bị lộ ra trên các trang web trong vài ngày qua.

Tập PowerPoint mà Microsoft xử dụng để thúc đẩy hệ điều hành mới tới những hãng cộng tác với Microsoft, dưới NDA (thỏa thuận không tiết lộ).

A deck of presentation of the upcoming features of Windows 8, the next operating system from Microsoft, has been leaked and circulated on the Web for the last few days. The presentation is used to promote the new OS to Microsoft partners under NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

Windows based desktop still remains the number one position with larger margin when comparing to other OS platforms, however, the trend that many analysts have observed is laptop seems to take over the desktop and consumers and even business users, in many cases have selected Apple Macbook for their daily uses. The user experience-focused design from Apple could gain momentum and slowly spread to desktop market share. And I am glad that Microsoft recognized Apple success in its presentation.  

Below are some highlights

Learn from successful experience (from Apple)

  • It just works
  • Designed to help people realize value
  • Satisfaction turns to brand loyalty
  • Value that people will pay for

Example of hardware

  • Touch screen 17”-30”
  • Sensors: Proximity, Ambient light
  • Camera for face recognition login
  • Keyboard and mouse (hmmm!)

Trends shaping

  • Explosion of form factors – Appliance-like
  • Intelligent facial recognition (Kenect for Windows?)
  • Seamless integration of Enterprise & Consumer
  • Ecosystem (Windows Store)
  • Energy efficient – fast startup and shutdown
  • One-Button reset (several options offered)
  • Internet Explorer 9

For a very near future, other platforms namely Google Android, Google Chrome OS, Apple IOS,.. will run on many new form factor devices along with their app and advertisement ecosystem.. Microsoft will face stiffer competition ahead, something that the company did not see during the last 10 years.

[Via Msftkitchen]

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